My aunt called me to ask for a job for her friend’s son. He had a very impressive resume but couldn’t get a job and any job he got, he couldn’t keep it. So that got me thinking what was the reason. This was not the first call I received nor the last asking for any jobs or openings. Why was today’s students struggling to get jobs? Upon introspection I narrowed it down to two reasons:

1) Lack of skills needed for the job market – Every employer is looking for resources with a certain set of skills that are common and necessary to any profession. These skills range from self-awareness, self-drive, adaptability, communication, critical thinking, and leadership potential. Our education system focuses more on getting technical skills needed for job market and not employability skills.

Optimistt’s SUCCEED program caters to this gap by targeting school and college students to improve their employability. With SUCCEED program, the employability skills of students inculcated to make them a catch for any employer. The students are trained to better understand themselves and their limitations, solve critical and analytical problems, communicate productively and need minimal handholding which makes them a desired pick for any employer.

2) Not able to meet the right employer – a recent study from Outlook showed that 29% of employers can’t find the talent that they need because of lack of applicants. So there are jobs but no applicants? Not the case. We are so tuned to looking for jobs in the traditional spaces that we are not aware of jobs that are now developing in the new fields. For example a study by Oxford University stated that almost 35% of current jobs will be automated and with robotic process automation that is becoming a reality.

Understanding a job market, trends in the market place, hiring channels will help students target the right fields and companies. Optimistt’s SUCCEED understands the importance of this and has dedicated, data driven deep sessions on job markets to give students the eagle eye view of what the future of jobs will be like so that they can be make informed decisions and even addresses the entrepreneurship interest.

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